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Show me yours and I’ll show you mine…

21 Aug

The Kitchen kit

This was an idea given to me by Camilla Mortons book “How to walk in high heels;” She basically suggests making up a kitchen kit of things that you actually use and not to keep old dusty junk that just takes up cupboard space.

So im sorting out my kitchen ‘kit’ as it seems like a good idea and despite me having a huge kitchen theres a definite lack of storage (as many people often hear me whining about.)

Debating whether to throw out the blender cause I BLOODY HATE IT, just everything about it, its massive, dust gathering, space using, and a pain in the bum to clean when it gets used!(its that stupid spiky bit at the botton grrr)

Say hello to my little friends -( my pans of course)

So my pans have seen better days – they do get used very often though to be fair but really could do with replacing.

I pulled everything out of the pan cupboard and assessed the situation…

It wasn’t looking good.

Well for a start theres loads of ‘lids’ for pans that i dont seem to own so they can go in the recycling bin… or can they? ill have to check? maybe just the normal bin??

  • Then scrubbed out the cupboards that they were in (with my flash wipes)
  • Then scrubbed the pans in piping hot water and washing up liquid.

and there it was… my regularly used set of pans laid out in front of me… this is the base to my kitchen kit.

Gonna have to replace them but need to make sure i keep the same sizes in the set as i really do use them a lot so will definitely need to replace each one with a like for like one.

My little friends

So basically in a pan set you’ll need:

  • 2 medium sized saucepans (for boiling potatoes, vegetables, pasta, etc)
  • 1 smaller saucepan (for small things like beans or gravy)
  • A big stew pot  (For all those big things like irish stew/big pots of pasta salad/potato hash/ hotpots etc)
  • A frying pan (for frying stuff like breakfasts, steaks,  or eggs)
  • A colander (for draining theboiled stuff like potatoes or pasta)

Thats all I have and I’ve never felt like I needed anymore so see how you go.


The all new pan cupboard in my cooking zone organised, clean and ready to go



Woooah coincidence or what … went to tesco today and after all that writing about replacing the pan set the woman at the till tells me about tescos latest offer where you can get vouchers for every twenty pound and they go towards these really smart new pans.


Defo gonna do this (at least for the 70 quid frying pan) as frying pans do really get used a lot and the glass lid that comes with it will be great to stop the fat splashing all over my tiles. (Stole this tip from my grandad who was frying his bacon in a very expensive looking glass lidded pan the other day (maybe he paid 70 quid for it at tesco?? who knows)

 You get one voucher for every £20 you spend and then you need to present 10 of these vouchers at the checkout when you purchase a piece of Thomas Cookware and you will then receive 70% of the items RRP

 Its definitely worth taking the vouchers off the lady at the till anyway cause you never know if you might decide  to do it.

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