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whats the story…

18 Sep

…in Balamory!!!

Making my own Balamory village out of different types of play tents (which im really excited about getting started on!) Stole this idea from Millie Kershaw (abigails 9 year old cousin) who suggested how much fun it would be to make one and I thought oh hell yes it would!!!

Once the canopy has been built (im thinking early march) I need to get started on getting all the stuff together…

Heres what it’ll involve:


The shop I already made with an additional ‘market square’ outside containing all the shop items and market stall.


This is a pink country cottage tent that they’ve just started doing at Tesco.

It will have lots of dolls and doll accessories inside as well as abigails dressing table that she loves. I’m thinking fairy lights and pink feather boas.


This is gonna be the ZINGZILLAS HUT play tent and im gonna make it a hospital/vet surgery with doctors and vets equipment. Im thinking teddies with slings etc.


I really really want the peppa pig campervan tent and it has a little awning on the side which is really adorable. I want this to be the cafe and will put the play kitchen and tea sets in here. Maybe an ‘A-board’ outside with ‘menu’ on it etc.


This is a fire engine tent that will double up as a garage for all of the car themed toys and i will be getting a play mat for outside it with roads on it for playing with the cars as I loved these when I was little!


An art corner with a desk to do art and showcasing the kids artwork and stuff. Will fill some plastic drawers up with activity packs, colours, paints etc.


Will have coloured toy boxes all around (where-ever they fit!) and bookshelves with books and toy baskets on. Adding to it with bunting and posters, windchimes and hanging toys. Also Ikea do some fab round coloured rugs for £3 so i’m gonna get a few of these in different colours to scatter around and cushions or bean bags too (like mr tumble does!)  This is gonna be so much fun!

My mind on paper:

Standing the test of time

16 Sep
The play zone has been going a few weeks now in my kitchen and its definitely a good idea. Ive made a new ‘NO TOYS IN LIVING ROOM’ rule so at least theres one tidy room when visitors come (I was sick of having a ‘bombsite’ for a house!)
Its gathering more and more toys! However, thats fine as i’m eventually going to move the whole area into my outside canopy thats being built in march so then this will be a proper SUPER PLAY ZONE for the kids
(This also means that there wont be toys in my kitchen anymore for me to trip over!)
If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house its definitely worth thinking about making a place thats just for your kids to play (even if its the garage!)
Come on whats the point in a perfectly tidy ‘spare bedroom’ when no one ever sleeps over!!! Make it into a fun room for your kids and control the mess everywhere else!

Think it was maybe a bad idea

7 Sep

Ok so gonna leave the shed till next summer as have been put off by all the negative comments about ‘they’ll never use it’ and ‘it’ll be too cold in there’
Have decided on a ‘garden room’ instead as my nan has one and its pretty cool. Plus it gives the added bonus of being connected straight to the house
so the kids can come and go without going outside – so the weather wont be an issue.

You basically build it yourself its flat packed steel and glass. You put silicone around the edges to seal it and you put your own floor down.

They do one in argos for £268.99 cat no 705/8017. Garden Room – 6 x 8ft.

Heres what they say about it…

Garden Room – 6 x 8ft.
Increase your living space with this Garden Room.

•Shed made from 100% galvanised steel.
•Double double door.
•Window type: glazed.
Size information:

•External size – metric H208, W237, D178cm.
•Internal size – metric W232, D173cm.
General information:

•2 people required for assembly.
•Packed flat for home assembly.
Additional Information
Current selling price valid until 20/01/2012

now thats more like it

Coffee + toys to slip on = not a good thing

26 Aug

Decided to make the most of the HUGE space at the bottom of my garden and also think that the kitchen play zone is actually best OUT of my kitchen.

Will be buying a large shed that can be made into a playroom for the kids and this can move them (and their MESS) out of the kitchen.

Need to leave some space (for my bins to be able to move in and out); so the biggest size I can possibly have is 6x10ft.

Found exactly what I am looking for at www.ilikesheds.com and I just HAVE to have it…..


Here’s what their website says about it….

  • 2 Styrene Glazed Windows 
  • Extra Storage Capacity
  • Solid  Sheet Roof & Floor
  • Single Door with butterfly catch
  • Charcoal Roof Felt
  • Easy Assembly
  • Pre-Treatment 
  • RRP: £359.95 
Price: £286.95




ITS PERFECT because the side door makes it look much less “shed like” and more like an outside building. Its going to be a little ‘play cabin’ and i just cant wait to get decorating it!

Went on tesco direct and ordered some big toys to go inside it like a play shop and kitchen and have planned my layout too….

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