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Little big steps

12 Apr

Getting organised part 1

I started off by gathering all the content together from the blog and the books. I also got any resources and leaflets together that I already have collected. The task begins…


Getting organised Part 2

I’ve got myself a special o2 think big journal to keep me on track and record anything that could later be put on our updates page. Writing things down just always helps!


This has helped to get things clear as to what needs to be done along the way. I can fill it with to do lists and updates so I can tell the rest of the team what’s been done so far and what our next steps are.


Getting the content ready for the displays Part 1


Starting by dividing up all the content properly into folders so it’s broken down into key areas.


Getting the content ready for the displays Part 2.


Using dividers into these folders to create sub topics and further break it all down into smaller and more manageable chunks.

No bill-related heart attacks in January for me!

25 Nov

Its the time of year that everyone dreads as we’re so broke after christmas that we just don’t need the added stress of a shock gas/electricity bill. With your house lit up like a fairground and the central heating on MAX; its no surprise that the cost of this wont be cheap!

But I’m going to be just fine this year as I dont have to suffer the ‘heart attack’ that comes with those huge bills in January….


Because I Pay-as-I-go all year round of course!!

Anyone can do this; you just request it from your energy suppliers and they fit ‘prepay’ meters instead of the usual ones (its free to do!)

Electricity key

So instead of huge (and quite sickening) bills arriving on my doorstep; I simply have a key/card that I top up beforehand and put onto the meter so that I pay for what I will use in the coming week. This is the ideal way of budgeting for energy and I’ll never change this at my place! (unless I win the lottery and don’t have to worry about bills anymore!)

Meters used to be really inconvenient as when you ran out of credit on the meter you would have to go to the shop and top up again. I hated doing this as in snowy weather, when the gas ran out; I was forced to walk with my newborn in the pram and struggled all the way to my local bargain booze just to get some more gas credit. Pain in the bum or what! (have you ever tried pushing a pram in the snow??!)


Plus it didnt help matters that the lady working in the bargain booze on Oldham road was an actual dragon in a sari so it was always quite an unpleasant experience for me to go in there!


And you can forget about going to the co-op for top up as the ACTUAL GOONS behind the counter always accidently ‘cancel’ the transaction so that they have taken your money but theres no actual credit on your key. When you go back in to sort it out they think your trying it on and British Gas can’t help you because “it’s the Co-ops fault”. GRRRR



So when British gas introduced their new ‘Home top up’ service I was VERY excited to say the least! No more struggling to get my two babies to the shops- I could just log on to their website with my new free devices (that you put your  key or card into) and top up using my debit card. Its fab and takes literally about 2 minutes. WOW! Honestly I could be a salesman for this service as I freakin’ love it!  


You will always hear people grumbling about how ‘prepay meters’ cost you more in the long run… but DON’T LISTEN TO THESE SCROOGES as less stress and worry over periods like christmas are definitely worth the extra few pence that these may cost per month!


Nobody really ever has four hundred pounds just lying around ready to pay their bill but you will always manage to find a spare tenner here and there when you need to top up along the way with a prepay meter.

Throwing a super kids party…

1 Nov

You may be feeling pressure when your child has been invited to friends’ parties and they’ve not only been taken to the cinema but they also had a slap-up meal in pizza hut afterwards.

Some mothers may have money to burn but, for the rest of us, a child’s birthday in general can really break the bank before the party planning even begins!

Before you start adding up the costs of film tickets and pizza dinners, why not consider having a party at home. You can have an absolutely fabulous party at your own home so why hire a place when you have a venue already?

All you need is a great theme for the party and it will be loads of fun. The theme is a key decision to make so once you’ve cracked this you will be able to flow with ideas about what else you will do.

The easy party planning guide

1. First think of some theme ideas; here’s some to help:

  • Pirates,
  • Cowboys,
  • Spacemen,
  • Aliens,
  • Football,
  • Grand prix,
  • Soldiers,
  • Kings and queens,
  • Hollywood
  • Superheroes,
  • Dinosaurs,
  • Circus,
  • Firemen,
  • Policemen
  • Hawaiian
  • Rock stars,
  • Safari,
  • Trains

2. Choose a definite theme.

3. Do a brainstorm on ideas about the theme and what it will involve.

Theme ideas example

E.g. Grand-prix

  • Traffic
  • Trophies                                                    
  • Lights
  • Chequered flags    
  • Medals     
  • Tyres

4. Decide: What is the party dress code?

  • Fancy dress
  • Themed fancy dress
  • Casual
  • Sportswear
  • Smart
  • Swimwear
  • Pyjamas

5. Make sure you have everything on the checklist of party must-haves.

 (Try to keep in line with your chosen theme when getting these items)

  • Invitations
  • Table cover
  • Birthday banner
  • Balloons
  • Paper cups
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Party bags and fillers
  • Birthday cake and candles
  • Music
  • Food

6. Food checklist

 You may find it useful to write a food checklist and try your best to keep the food in line with the theme.

It’s easy to do, just use your imagination, and the brainstorm you did on the theme may also give you some ideas.

How to give a ‘theme’ to the party food:

  • Sandwiches cut into shapes to go with the theme.
  • Pizzas cut into shapes e.g. cars
  • Juice with themed sticky labels stuck onto the cups or cartons such as ‘Pirates rum’ at pirate parties or ‘winners champagne’ at a grand prix party.
  • Crisps in a bowl that is shaped with the theme e.g.  petrol cans or trophies at grand prix party.
  • Biscuits with themed decoration.
  • Cakes with themed icing

7. Setting the scene

  • Themed bunting
  • Inflatables
  • You could make some props with papier-mâché
  • Posters
  • Piñata
  • Toy area where you can put a lot of your children’s toys and this can entertain a lot of the kids
  • Food area where all the food is (try to keep the food in line with the theme.)
  • A theme birthday cake
  • Themed music.

8. Entertainment


Always handy to have is a box of random fancy dress props to for all to enjoy at a party. This could be wigs, feather boas, fairy wings, funny glasses, funny hats, moustaches, masks and whatever else you want to put in there!

This really keeps conversation flowing and is a great bit of entertainment!

Say ‘cheese!’

You could even have a photo corner where people go and have their pictures taken (maybe with a chair and some props to go with the theme.)

It would be nice to get these copied twice and send the spare one to the person who is in it with a thank you card! Keeping party memories alive.

Can I be a lion please?

Face painting can be ace if you buy some face paints and know someone who can draw quite averagely well.

            Go on give it a go because they’re children after all so they don’t really care if it’s not perfect they just love face paints!


Get some cheap little prizes and keep the kiddies entertained with a few party games;

  • Pin the tail on the donkey (renamed to go with the theme)

E.g. pin the wheel on the racecar (Grand prix)

  • Pass the parcel (renamed to go with the theme)

E.g. pass the treasure. (Pirates party)

  • Musical bumps/statues (renamed to go with the theme)

E.g. musical toadstools. (Fairy party)

  • Treasure hunt
  • Competitions e.g. colouring competition and the best wins a prize. Just photocopy an outline that goes with your theme and give out loads of coloured pencils.

Bouncy castles and trampolines go down really well but to avoid any injury it’s always best to have different time periods where infants and bigger kids go on separately!

9. Party bags

 These are a MUST for parties as kids really do look forward to getting one. Pack them with cheap small things like key-rings, yoyos, bouncy balls, bubbles, erasers, lip balm, friendship bracelets, and toys, some of the birthday cake, balloons, and lollipops. Just go wild!

Ladybird Pop Ups

Many places sell party-bag specific goodies and if you plan ahead there’s some great online party stores that supply some great items.

 Check out one of these great party bag supply stores here

10. Your child’s presents

Try to get all presents in one safe place and many children often open them later on (after their party.) Remember to send thank-you notes for everyone.

Cards from your little family

26 Oct

This is a lovely little gesture and goes a long way to making you feel like a ‘proper’ family.

Task: Friends and family list

  • Write a list of all of your family and friends onto a spreadsheet.
  • Save it so that you can print labels for occasion cards such as Christmas and Easter cards signed from your little family.



Avery labels for your addresses


buy me for your kindle

26 Aug

Kindle Video


wooo just got the message that I’m up on amazon kindle for sale!!!

Get your kindle edition of my book in less than one minute!


Supermum (...by a Lazy Student-Bum!)

Say cheeeese!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 Aug

Got the Bury Times photographer coming round tomorrow morning… cant help feeling nervous as the kids just seem to act up when i need them to be good!

Spoke to the reporter and i think she might be making the story more about my previous problems with post natal depression rather than about the book….

We’ll see anyway but its still goodto raise awareness about this issue. It will help show people that they arent alone and that they can talk about their problems and not to be ashamed.
Writing the book has helped me to keep focused on getting up and sorting my life out rather that laying about like a depressed lazy bum so Im walking proof that the supermum mission helps others-

Focusing on the ‘supermum mission’ tasks can not only make important and essential changes to your day-to-day life but can also help mothers to cope with the overwhelming feeling of new motherhood by breaking down the things that they need to do to ‘get on top’ of their household and  responsibilities.

If I’d been given the ‘Supermum  (by a Lazy Student-Bum!)’  book when I was feeling low and overwhelmed i could have used it by focusing on completing it’s tasks and bit-by-bit start to get my life back together.

Well I was initially really concerned about the whole town being told about my personal issues but i guess the personal nature of my story helps readers to connect more with me and my life experience gives more reason for people to share their ideas back with me (as I want them to).

I’ll post the article anyway when it gets out so we can only wait and see if i get a plug.

 Fingers crossed that they at least mention the book even a little bit??

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